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We are experienced manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler and direct exporter of feather and feather products for over 60 years. Our offices and factories distribute over the Pearl River Deltaat Hong Kong, Macao, and Guangdong, China and there are several hundred employees working in these offices and factories. Besides, our customers come from the countries all over the world and many of them have been doing business with us for over than a decade. In short, our company is a good-reputed and well-established company for feather-related business.

We specialize in wholesale of all kinds of feather-related products such as feather fans, trimmings, masks, headbands, dusters, flowers, angel wings, neck rings, etc. These products are usually used for:

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Gifts & Premiums   profile_01.jpg (1612 bytes)  profile_02.jpg (1353 bytes)  profile_03.jpg (1439 bytes)  profile_04.jpg (1922 bytes)  profile_05.jpg (1235 bytes)
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Fashion Design   profile_01.jpg (1612 bytes)  profile_04.jpg (1922 bytes)  profile_06.jpg (1226 bytes)  profile_07.jpg (1372 bytes)  profile_08.jpg (1307 bytes)
Clothes   profile_06.jpg (1226 bytes)  profile_08.jpg (1307 bytes)
Decorations & Ornaments   profile_05.jpg (1235 bytes)  profile_08.jpg (1307 bytes)
Cleaning   profile_03.jpg (1439 bytes)

From feather sourcing to final product, all the procedures of manufacturing the feather products are done solely by our company. Majority of the raw feathers is imported from USA and the rest is sourced from China, Europe, South Africa, Israel, etc. We then transfer all the resources to our factories in China for manufacturing. Finally, the final products are exported to our customers all over the world through our Hong Kong office. Because of no intermediate companies involved, we can guarantee our products:

We continuously promote our business to the local and overseas customers. We are a member of Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce and The Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong respectively for over 20 years. Moreover, We often participates in many exhibitions, such as the annually Hong Kong Gift & Premium Week. Recently, we have also established this web site. Through the Internet, we can easily promote our products to the customers all over the world.

Please feel free to contact us for more details and orders.


Our Factory in China

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